Thursday, September 30, 2010

The Scrapbooking Queen has a Royal Pink Secret... and it's SWEET!

The Scrapbooking Queen has a
Royal Pink Secret...
your going to love being a part of...
Most of you know that October is
 Breast Cancer Awareness Month.
 Her Royal Majesty has been collectioning Pink goodies, just for her royal followers... she has even gotten some great sponsors to donate some
PINK Blog Candy...

The Queen believe's in giving back to her community and so she is hosting a PINK blog challenge...

This challenge is about giving back to the community...and to bring a little sunshine to someone who is fighting breast cancer.

So here is the challenge:

  • Create a card (s) that will bring  joy to someone who is fighting Breast Cancer.
  • Make it PINK... Please use pink as your main color, other colors are o.k. too.
  • Post this challenge on Facebook to spread the word!
  • Email your photo of your card to
  • After emailing your photo  please send your card (s) to The Queen and she will deliver them to a women's center where they will be distributed to women fighting this terrible disease. 
  • You have until October 15th to get your cards to me!
 Now of course, everyone of us would do this out of the goodness of our own hearts... 
I feel that no good deed should ever go unnoticed so...
I will be showering you with lots of royal pink blog candy!

Photos of the prizes will be posted in a day or two!

I will be drawing winners, every couple days, using

        So ladies...ready to show your support for Breast Cancer Awareness Month?

Alright then, put your PINK caps on
and start making those cards!
The Scrapbooking Queen
will post photos to FB Album... for all to enjoy ...

The Scrapbooking Queen
14211 Jennings Vista Drive
Lakeside, CA 92040


Kathy said...

Thanks for hostessing this challenge! I will be adding "Pink cards" to my "To Do" list.

Mireille said...

being smack dab in the middle of my breast cancer treatment - chemo at the moment-
I cannot tell you how much this initiative means to me!!
way to go!!

Unknown said...

What a wonderful challenge! I will post on FB and send you a picture...but here's what I do with the cards I make:
I take names/addys of Breast Cancer Patients and Survivors and, upon request, I send them my cards in the name of the one who gave me the name. I don't charge for these cards...just do it to help lend some support to those who've been dealing with this. Hope this doesn't mean I'm out of the running for the candy, but, if it does, that's okay. More information about how you can request a card is on my blog at

Luv2Shop said...

Thanks for the challenge for breast cancer. I will be happy to participate and send you my card in honor of my friend who has breast cancer and is going through alot right now.

Ruth Sims Malone

ScrappyScavenger said...

Thats sweet of you! Thanks for doing this...

Court said...

To the Queen,

I thank thee for humbling thyself and gracing my petite blog with thy goodness.

I wish thee well in thy endeavors and possibly winning some inconceivable bloggy goodness.


Lelia Pierce said...

What a wonderful idea! Count me in! :O)


Marianne S. said...

I posted about your Pink event on my blog yesterday. Thank you for allowing us to help your in your card drive.

Marianne S.
sthquilter at gmail dot com

Debbie said...

wow this is amazing idea I am so happy to be part of this card drive and thanks for the awesome job you are doing I will also post this to let others know what a great thing you are doing Debbie @

Anonymous said...

great cause!!!! id love to enter. im in Australia so im a bit worried my card may not make it in time but it will be in the post tomorrow!!

Jewel said...

I just finished my first card and eailed it to you. I am brand new to card making, so it is probably not as fancy as others, but I am sure someone will like receiving it. Thanks for this great challenge!
blunt_agenda at

Unknown said...

A fanstatic challenge and a great way to support Breast Cancer Awareness.

I have a challenge too and would like to invite you and anyone else to come over to my blog and leave a link to your challenge....

I think the more people we spread the awareness too, the more "fighting" power we have to beat cancer!