Monday, October 25, 2010

The Scrapbooking Queen Blog Challenge Giveaway

 The Breast Cancer Awareness Blog Challenge
is coming to it's finally weeks and what a wonderful success it was The Queen has collected over 100+ cards

and to celebrate The Queen is giving away this
awesome bag of goodies...

This is open for everyone who has made
a card for this challenge...
The Queen has posted them all on Facebook... will draw for this goodie bag on Oct 31 st
so if you still have not made a card
get to scrapin' there is still time.

The Scrapbooking Queen Bag includes
Pink folders
Pink Post~its
Pink Pencils
Pink Flashlight
Pink Calculator
Pink Head Wrap
Pink Bubbles Bath

Scrapbooking Queen T-Shirt
and since I keep finding more pink
everywhere I will tuck even more goodies
 into the this adorable
The Scrapbooking Queen Canvas Bag...

So keep sending in your card everyone of them
is your entry into this drawing ...
remember these cards are going to women
who are fighting brest cancer now...
So break out your PINK supplies and make a card...

The Scrapbooking Queen



Perfectly Unperfect Cards said...

want an awesome prize. WOW.

Lisa Rhodes Lamer said...

This is awesome... In my house I have 3 sons, my boyfriend, his son, 2 male dogs, 3 male cats... I am the only girl in my family (2 brothers).. and I even think all my fish are males... I am so out numbered!!! I love all the pink!!! woo hooo!!!!

Debbie said...

this is great and I thank you for doing all that you have done your are so kind I wish I could of made more Debbie

rebekah said...

thanks for the sweet comment on my craft room makeover!