Monday, January 2, 2012

Mr. Cricut Crazy Design Team Monday

Happy Monday everyone and welcome to the 
Mr. Cricut Crazy Design Team Monday
The Queen is showcasing Tanner's stamp set 
Man's Best Friend Vol. 1
The Queen like to take one of Tanner's sentiment stamp she 
never used before and create a cute card with it...
Hey, what are you looking at? is one that 
The Queen always feels her royal pups are always saying to her...  
So this cute card is for a friend who just got a new Pup...
and she already a spoiled little princess and carries her
in a purse... she pop her little face out just like the digi...
Too Cute... Now don't forget to check out my 
Design Team Sister over at Mr. Cricut Crazy 


Kate said...

Now that is so cute.


girlia said...

too cute. My niece could use a bag like that.

Mary J said...

So adorable!