Thursday, September 6, 2012

You Deserve the Royal Treatment Before & After

Today The Queen has create a super easy and fun
how to technique project for you... 
 To create a simple but elegant framed piece of
art work to place on her castle wall...
and all was created for less than $5 
supplies needed'
1. Thirty store Frame $2
2. Card with cute saying $1 
3. Glossing PINK Paint used about $1

Stray your frame outside and use
some cardboard to protect from over spray.

 Berry Pink was used that covers plastic
and metal items found at Home Depot
The Queen scored this perfect saying 
on a card from Micheal $1 bins 
The Queen loves how bright this new framed
artwork will look on her new castle wall
After all we all .....


Melissa said...

Beautifully done!

Ashley Nicole said...

Very cute. Would make a perfect gift.

Michele said...

Very Cute!!! Great gift idea!!

Vicky said...

Looks fanulousv

Kate said...

Gorgeous. Love how the frame turned out.