Saturday, October 6, 2012

Halloween Removable Decor

Happy Saturday Everyone and Welcome to The Queen's official
post as Square 1 Designer
Now The Queen is so in love with this adhesive fabric 
it has so many benefits 

Does not damage surfaces
Leaves no residue
Able to create your own custom colors
No transfer tape needed
Easy to cut
Eco-friendly and child safe

Now the best part about this Adhesive Fabric is
it cuts out beautifully on any cutter ...
just pick your image like I did on my gypsy!
Run it thur your cutting machine and it just cuts out like butter...
The Queen chose the spider and web to show off how thin you
can cut out an image.. 
(and my grandson Jason wanted a spider for Halloweeen)
This is placed on my freshly painted Walls in my castel
with out fear of it removing or hurting the painted surface...
Look how cute this adorable spider is too... and
see how it take and allow you to glue on it ... 
Now the spider web hold it shape and I have even removed
it several times to get the perfect spot for the shot...
and it goes back up perfectly each time...
so make sure you go over to the 
Square 1 Blog and become a follower and you be able
to keep up with all the designer as we showcase
the many things you can do with this amazing product...


Jillian said...

Very cute!! I love the idea of making wall decor like that!

Sheryl - Skylar & Maci's Noni :} said...

I really like the idea of the fabric and no transfer tape And weeding and all that other stuff that goes along with vinyl! It looks like it turned out really good though!
I would like to ask you a quick question if you don't mind answering for me, how did you get your cricut yellow? The colors in my room match all of the First set of colors that "creative options" originally had with all of their storage units, so I have brown, lime green, something similar to a teal and then like a darker blue. I would love to be able to paint my cricut lime green and add the other colors in as well. thank you for sharing your project and thanking you in advance on how you got your cricket yellow.

Rosie said...

cool project

Unknown said...

Love this:) Cant wait to get mine to start designing with whoop whoop!!! you did a fabulous job.