Sunday, August 8, 2010

My Royal New Look and a Blog Makeover Giveaway!

This is a guest post by Madeline Mele at the Shabby Vanity, the blog designer of the Scrapbooking Queen.

Okay, come on… doesn’t The Scrapbooking Queen’s new design look fabulous. Of course, it looked great before, but now- it is just perfect!  Now here comes the real question… how much did it all cost. Brace yourselves…I gave The Scrapbooking Queen a full blog makeover for just $50!!

$50!? What’s the deal? How is it so cheap? Okay, I don’t know about you… but I can’t spend an arm and a leg every time I want something to look cute… and some blog designers do just that!  I provide quick, quality service for even less $$$ than expected. A treat to all my fellow bloggers that want a great, fresh look.

Come view my blog !

Alright, alright enough bragging! Get back to looking at the cute Cricut crafts and cards by the Scrapbooking Queen. That’s why you came here right?

BUT WAIT! The Scrapbooking Queen is so amazing, she’s hosting a FULL BLOG MAKEOVER giveaway for one of you!

Here is how to enter:

Comment on what you like/dislike about The Scrapbooking Queen’s new look.

Follow both The Shabby Vanity and The Scrapbooking Queen on

• Blogger

• Facebook

• Grab my Blinky and post it on your Blog

The more conditions you meet, the more likely you are to win…
Good luck to everyone!

This Giveaway ends on Sunday, August 15th, at 12:00 AM MST


Debbie said...

wow this is awesome I love it I am a follower already with you I will hop over and join the vanity blog I just love your make over Debbie

Kricut Krazy said...

I love the new look - altho some of the stuff on the right is blocked and you can't read it all :(

hugs and loves!

Perfectly Unperfect Cards said...

I really love the new look. :D I added your blinkey :D

Anonymous said...

I just love the cloudy outlines dreamy!

Katie R. said...

Love your new look & your blog!! Great Job to The Shabby Vanity & the Scrapbook Queen, Theresa!!!

Janae' said...

Go Shabby Vanity Girl!!

Julie said...

I love your new look and you know I'm in line for that other designer. I will not be waiting on her so I'm in the market for another. Looks like maybe Shabby Vanity will be one of my choices. I just went to follow her blog and put her blinky on mine. I'm also following her FB page. I'm already a big fan of yours! Thanks Theresa your blog facelift is Awesome:)

Cricut Chick

Alma said...

I personally loved how it looked before, but I like how much more organized it looks! And the clouds are very cute! I'm about to add your blinky to my blog!

Stephenie said...

WOW! Love the colors, the textured background on the pink, the cloud-like space for postings. Truly,The Shabby Vanity did an AWESOME job!

Ruthie @ SeptemberNinth said...

Ohhh so cool! What a wonderful giveaway! Pick me! Pick me! :)