Saturday, October 20, 2012

Nothing is Impossible Home Decor

Hello Everyone and Happy Saturday
so I'm noticing a tread going around with 
image of old typewriters and retro images... and of course who doesn't 
love a great quote... so I was stalking the internet for
some of these retro image and came across this
Quote by Audrey Hepburn 
"Nothing is Impossible the very word itself say
I'm Possible ~ Audrey Hepburn"

Now if you follow my blog or FaceBook posting
you know I have done some re~modeling of my craft space
so I have the brand spanking new cabinets 
But not to worry The Queen castle is safe with 
the Square 1 product... its {HERE} its 
so my new cabinets don't have any residue left on them
because as you know we all change our minds on where
we want things to go....
So here is my final resting place (for now) of my 
awesome quote wall decor
so with this adhesive fabric allowed me to 
PRINT on my home printer
Re-position and Remove and Re~position 

You really do just have to add your
 IMAGINATION... and some 


Unknown said...

Love this... I absolutely love old fashioned vintage typewriters... i wish i had a pink one in my craft studio!! This would be a perfect touch for me to have thanks so much for the inspiration:)

TheTulipCollector said...

This is super and I love that it doesn't mar the paint.

scrapbook said...

wow, awesome article post.Thanks Again. Really Great.